May 13, 2015

My Rant

I bravely ranted on Facebook and was scared to death to voice my concern/experience for fear that it would HURT Kenz and her opportunities to sing.

I am grateful for other parents who understand why a mom feels sad when their child is treated poorly.  
I was amazed at who left comments and surprised by those who DIDN'T.  

But I have be reminded that there are KIND, GOOD, GRACIOUS, LOVING people in this world that will stand up for RESPECT, KINDNESS, MANNERS, and EACH OTHER.

Here is my Rant:

Can I be a "mama bear" and RANT for a moment? I hope I don't offend ... 
Kenz opened for a popular band recently. She was a little hesitant to take the show because she predicted THIS would happen and she wasn't sure she wanted to repeat the "beating". But I personally LOVE this particular band and felt like it was a privilege to open for them. So I encouraged her to take the show.  
Granted - I am videotaping her in the back where people are more comfortable to talk to each other. Kenz rehearsed this song and was SO EXCITED to try it ... But listen to this audience. I realize the crowd was there to hear the band not kenz... but really? Haven't we been taught to be polite to any performer? Even the man doing sound at this show kept trying to "quiet" the audience, getting off of his podium to abruptly "hush" certain people. Not knowing I was her mom, he turned to me and said - "this is so rude". Her drummer just shook his head in disbelief. It broke my heart. 
She occasionally gets private messages from people apologizing for others - I just hope we will all stop and think twice about our actions when someone is on stage. 
End of RANT... I am sure I will remove this post (per Kenzie's request after she sees it)... sorry if I offended..

Here are the comments...

  • Amber Lynn Stoppel on a brighter note, this is one of my favorite songs ever. Kenzie just keeps surprising me!
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  • Aj Clayson Sorry that people don't know how to respect young talent.
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  • Krista Devaney They usually have someone that shushes everyone, surprised they weren't doing that for Kenz!
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  • Ellie Bryant Kenz is an old soul.
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  • Steven Ryan Pollock Again, I share the sentiments. While she's talented enough to stand on her own, maybe she needs another.. loud band where they have no choice but to listen;)
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  • Kristen Molen I agree, Dawn. I put some responsibility on the owners of the facility. I think they need to step up. Gotta be some bag of tricks to use when the facility doesn't step up because it is disrespectful to the artist. Heck, turn all the lights off for two seconds before she starts, lol.
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  • Kristen Molen Nevermind, I think she should just interrupt her song and go right into AC/DCs Back in Black and scream it. I think they will pay attention then, and she can switch back to her song.
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  • Jennifer Freeman Gardner She might as well be singing in the jr high lunch room.  come on Utah county... represent !!

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