April 11, 2015

Spring Break in St. George

We drove down to St. George on Thursday April 2

Aaron came for the first few days.

We celebrated Easter - 

Aaron flew home Sunday night 
and Kenzie's friends came Monday.

It was a colder trip - so we swam indoors,


went shopping & to see the Temple.  Hayden LOVED the temple.

and saw lots of movies.

We also got WiFi in the condo!!!  Yippee!!!
Network: happy place
Password: grandparalph

And Kenz got a weird thing the sides of her mouth which stressed us out because she has a busy week with shows and a TV spot coming up.

This is the sign that the vacation is over 
- Empty Iceberg cups and deflating pool rafts.

And spring break traffic.
We LOVE St. George!!

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Alyssa said...

It looks like a fun family trip. It makes me so happy to hear that you still make time to get away together even though family schedules can get so crazy. Whenever you mention the condo in St. George, I can't help but recall our trip there with your family and the Derricks. So much fun.