November 30, 2013

A November Run Down

Nov. 1st - Kenz speaks and sings at the Audio West Open House
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Nov.  - Kenz sings at Kilby Court
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Nov. 7th - We hosted Jane's friends for her 10th Birthday

Nov 9th - Kenz  & I travel to Rexburg to sing at Sammy's

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Nov.   - Kenz films a commercial for

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Nov 23rd - Kenz sings at Kyle Khou's Birthday Celebration Concert
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Nov. 24th - Mackay passes the sacrament for the first time.  

Nov. 28th - Thanksgiving
 Mackay & Aaron played in the ward's Turkey Bowl
Aaron pulled his calf muscle but other then that they came home in one piece.

 We saw Frozen with Dad & Krista.
At dinner at 3 pm.
Read the Black Friday Ads.
Jenn & Scott came over & watched the Steelers get beat by the Ravens.
Then we all went to bed.

It was a relaxing Thanksgiving this year.... Low Key...

Aaron did get up early to go to Home Depot for a great deal on a tool box set... 

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