September 28, 2013

Homecoming for Kenz

Kenzie performed the Homecoming song at the school assembly/pep rally on Tuesday morning.
She hadn't really learned or practiced the song until the night before.
She said it was a HARD song to sing...

Practicing the night before:

The ACTUAL assembly.

After Kenz sang, she got a front row seat to see her cute boyfriend, Hayden Lee, get his legs shaved for a relay race. 

And then he got to do a dance.  He was darling. 

Aaron got Mackay and Kenzie to the Homecoming Game
They were FREEING!  

Hayden asked someone else but a darling boy asked Kenz.
They went Rock Climbing during the day, then she came home and got ready for the dance.
She looked GORGEOUS!!  I was in awe at how beautiful she is.

Mitch Peterson

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