September 10, 2013

An Eventful Week.

Monday September 2nd - was a nice & relaxing day.  
The kids were off school to celebrate Labor Day & we did next to nothing.
It was perfect.

Tuesday September 3rd - we learned Aaron's Grandpa Hollis died.
We were sad but knew he was ready to be reunited with his sweet wife Betty.
Aaron started making the arrangements to get to Reno Nevada for the funeral.

Wednesday September 4th - Hayden crashes his friend's dirt bike.
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We spent almost 6 hours at Primary Children's Hospital repairing his fingers. 
We sent Mackenzie home in my car to take care of Mackay.
Unfortunately, she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and slams into the deep freezer & fridge.

Thursday September 5th - was exhausting. 
Hayden had cried most of the night in pain.  
I got Kenzie & Mackay off to school & was looking forward to a nap.
I got a call asking if Kenz wanted to be on ABC4 News to promote Radioactive Fest at 4:30 pm.
Of course she did.  Somehow we made it all work out.  It was a Blast!
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Friday September 6th - We left our kids & fly to Reno
Leaving Hayden with Manda and my dad.
Mackay with our friends the Allans.
Kenz with Jenn.
Aaron enjoyed walking around his grandparents home & remembering the good times. 

Saturday September 7th - was busy.
We attended the funeral of Grandpa Hollis.

Mackay hung out with his friend Zach & his pet 
then played a football game that we were sad to miss.  

Kenzie had a performance in Provo "Radioactive Fest" 
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Mackay joined them after his game & they fought a horrible rain storm on the way to Provo.
Thank you to the Allens for always supporting Kenzie.

She did get to meet the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds.

Sunday September 8th - we flew home & endured several delays 
& missed connecting flights.
My kids went to church like good kids.

Monday September 9th - started out great.  
Hayden tried to go to school (he made it until 1:30 pm)
I went to Costco.
But back on Wednesday night when Kenz hit the freezer... it got unplugged.
I spent the afternoon throwing away A LOT of food & cleaning up a stinky, sticky, gross mess.

Tuesday September 10th - Molly's been to the vet.
Mackay has already called me  - sick.  
I am ready for a "Time Out".
It's been an eventful week.

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