August 23, 2013

First Week of School

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Kenz started a new school too - she is a Junior at CORNER CANYON HIGH SCHOOL.
She drives herself - which is SO nice!!  She gets up and out the door on time each morning.  Except for Wednesday.  See HERE for Wednesday's events.  Let's just say getting up at FOUR AM is for the birds.
Thursday she found out that her cute boy/friend asked someone else to Homecoming because he thought she had a show that night.  She doesn't have a show and she is very sad. :(  Broke my heart!!  Because of the early mornings and late nights. She went to bed at FIVE THIRTY last night... Yes 5:30 PM and forgot to set her alarm.  She work up a little late and was a little stressed this morning. 

First Week of School is over and I NEED A NAP!!

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