July 7, 2013

St George Trip

We had a St. George trip planned for Monday July 1- Sunday July 7.
Then Kenz got asked to open for the Refinement Record Voice Tour, Friday, June 28th. 
We couldn't pass up that opportunity.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and checked into a hotel - GROSS!  It was 117 degrees and we were all HOT SWEATY & GRUMPY!!  
We got situated and left for her show

Before the show - Kenz and the boys walking into Dixie State College - Cox auditorium.

Another "opening act" arrived & wasn't happy to see Kenz there nor was she very nice to Kenz.  While being interviewed (in front of Kenz) she told the news guy that SHE was supposed to open the show with 5 songs and was told to cut 2 because of "this chick"... classy!
They interviewed Kenz as well but she was nice... :)
After going back & forth on who would be first, they decided to have Kenz go first.  It was weird but fine.  Lights were still on and people were still arriving so it felt strange.  She didn't think anyone was listening to her. During her third (of 4) song they finally brought the house lights down and Kenz felt better.  Chalk it up to experience. :)
Click HERE to see & hear her songs.

Putting her guitars away.
Kenz got to share the stage with some awesome artist.

Fictionsit - click HERE to hear their music.

Amy Whitcomb - click HERE to hear her music.

Midas Whale - click HERE to hear their music.

Ryan Innes - click HERE to hear his music.
signing posters and cds after the show.

I was so proud of her.  
She handled herself well ... as always ... and did a great job.  

By Sunday night we got to go to our condo!!!  We were SO happy!!

We ate, shopped, saw movies (Now You See Me & White House Down), visited the temple, visited Gpa Ralph & Gma Helen and laid in the sun until Aaron arrived on Wednesday night.

Then he joined us and we did more of the same.  
Aaron LOVES the 4th of July! 
We always watch the Patriotic TV Shows - listen to the festive music on the radio and find the best view for the FIREWORKS!  This year we went to where the old airport used to be.
Kenz perched on top of the car. 

Mackay, Aaron Hayden waiting for the fireworks.

A firework started a fire on the side of the mountain but they quickly put it out.

Other Fun Events in St. George:
Swig - my new favorite
And a strange man have a seizure in the pool - twice before calling the paramedics.  That was fun... 
St. George is one of my FAVORITE places to be!!

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