June 4, 2013

Kenzie's EP Release Concert

Lots of Pictures ... Be sure to click the Highlighted names for more details.
Kenzie Releases her EP Hands On!!  
Let the Party Begin!
People started trickling in a little before 7 and then they just kept coming and coming and coming!  It was AMAZING!!!  We were shocked, humbled, overwhelmed, and so HAPPY!!  Everyone was hot and sweaty and there wasn't a place to sit or stand.  I was worried about it but realized there are worse problems then having TOO MANY PEOPLE COME TO SUPPORT AND LISTEN TO YOUR DAUGHTER!!! 

Adam Reader from Refinement Records welcomed our guests.
DJ Dub Dee mc'd the event.
Our Performers 

Sam is 15 years old and is a HEARTTHROB!!  He is handsome and quiet and mysterious.  He is also very talented when it comes to singing and playing guitar.  We were thrilled when he said "yes" to singing at our party.  He took the stage first singing "Dear Brother", a song her wrote for his brother, then "Wicked Games" by Chris Isaac, and ended with ______________ .

Kyle Khou took the stage next & sang some of his originals from his soon-to-be-released Album "No Boxes".   He also did "Titanium" BEAUTIFULLY!!  He sure knows how to play with the audience and his dancers can dance.  :)

Adam Reader invited Kenz to the stage and had her sign the Wall of Fame.  Anyone who releases an album at Refinement Records signs the Wall of Fame.  

Then it was time to sing.  She began by thanking her audience and Audio West but especially Kyle Khou.  She played her electric guitar and sang "Oh Darling"

 Putting her guitar down and explaining how weird it felt to not have an instrument in her hands - she belted a song on her album called "If Tomorrow Never Comes".  

 Next she grabbed her acoustic guitar and sang her favorite song on the album "Don't Go Away".

Switching gears she sang a mash up of a crowd favorite "Electric Feel" & "Can't Hold Us"

She put her guitars away and took her place at the piano to play another song on her album.  This is a song she wrote with my little brother Adam called "3 Seconds".  I was a wreck because she didn't practice playing the piano as much as I felt she should have.  She decided to tell the audience my concerns.  She started out great... as you can see...
 then played a few wrong notes...
but got right back on track and sang AND PLAYED beautifully! 

She went back to the electric guitar to play "Goodbye".  When she decided to record this song, she had no sense of inspiration.  She didn't love the demo and wasn't sure how she wanted it to sound.  After spending our entire Memorial day in the studio, she knew exactly how she wanted to play and sing this song.  She loves this song now.  It is her other "Favorite".

She had planned to end the night with a little audience participation.  She had us all snap (a little off the beat) then she started to sing "Stand By Me" accapella.  Unfortunately when she started to play her guitar, she played the song in the wrong key.  In "Kenz" style she covered and blamed it on US and then blamed it on herself and finished the song. 

 She ended the night with a smile and I think, a sigh of relief.
I was so proud of her.  She was relaxed on stage and enjoyed the night.  I was so grateful to the many people who made the night a success.  But most importantly, I was amazed at the amount of friends and family that came to support Kenz.  We feel SO blessed to be surrounded by such good people.  We are very lucky.  A BIG THANK YOU to all who came.

Thank you to McKell Gardner for taking these awesome photos for us.
Thank you Terry Brown (Wakeless Productions) for recording the show.  We can't wait to see it and SHARE IT!

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