March 19, 2013

a Broken String...

Kenzie always does a terrific job when she performs ~ But today I was very impressed with her poise under pressure.  
She was asked to sing "Oh Darling" for a school assembly recognizing her as the winner of "Alta Idol".    She borrowed Josh's guitar ~ it has "cool stickers" all over it.  (I'm old & don't understand somethings but Kenz gets it & I trust her).
1st Assembly - 8:10 am:
I wasn't there but got a text from Kenz that she forgot her pick.  I arrived (with picks).  She said she wasn't thrilled with the way the guitar sounded without the pick but was fine.

2nd Assembly - 8:49 am:
I videoed her being recognized.
Then she sang... I had a hard time hearing the guitar... (plus they had some slideshow of fish & nature scenes behind her that was very distracting and DUMB).  She was trying to play louder since the mic on the guitar may not have been working... Notice during the 2nd chorus, one of the guitar strings breaks.  
She covered like a champ! (Not to mention, the string slices her finger leaving a slight wound.)

9:10 am: 
Called Grandpa.
Grandpa Earl jumped in his car and raced his 12 string guitar to Alta High School to SAVE THE DAY!!  I don't know what else we would have done.

3rd Assembly - 9:27 am:

She plays Grandpa's guitar and everything sounds much better....
and then I run out of space on the camera - Oh well... She did GREAT!!
Once again, I am proud of you Kenz!!  (I always am!)


Patty said...

She's incredible.
Fell from a good tree.

Alyssa said...

To me, this post is as much about family love as it is about Kenzie's amazing talent. Josh, you, Grandpa Earl - everyone contributing their time, support, instruments, and love to help Kenzie do what she does...sing like an angel. Totally love this post.