February 16, 2013

She sure looks Cute in it

February 8th
I took Kenz & her cute friend Audrey to the DMV to get her 
Hayden and Mackay waited in the car... 
until they got sick of being out there for an HOUR!!!!
It took forever for them to finally call her number!
 But they finally did ...
 and she walked out a happy new & legal driver!!
 Then ... because she has the best dad in the entire world... 
she spent the entire weekend with Aaron searching for just the right car.

This Thursday she will get to pick up our "FAMILY" car... (aka Kenz's car)
2006 Hyundai Sonata GLS
She sure looks cute in it!

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Alyssa said...

What a happy time for her. I remember getting my license. It felt so awesome. I love the car. Jeff had one of those when we lived in Florida. He liked it. She looks great in it. Congrats to Kenz! Also cannot believe the boys waited in the car for an hour. My kids would NEVER do that, not even for a minute. They hate waiting for anything in the car. Too funny!