December 19, 2012

National Anthem

So Proud of Kenzie!!

This isn't the easiest song to sing... especially at 8 o'clock in the morning... in front of your entire High School!!!  But I think she did AWESOME!!!

This is Kenz walking to go get ready to sing and a little NERVOUS!

This is Kenz AFTER she sang and very RELIEVED!!
Kenz, you always make me proud!!

She is one brave (& Gorgeous) girl with an amazing voice!!!


Alyssa said...

She is definitely brave. I love that she did this. I am sure it was hard and she was a little nervous. There is such an adrenaline rush and an immense feeling of satisfaction after doing something really hard and scary. It feels so good. I hope she felt those feelings. She will continue to be able to do hard and scary things because she is challenging herself like this. I love it. Love that she is willing to share her beautiful voice and talent with others. Such a gorgeous girl. So beautiful, inside and out. Thanks for keeping us in the loop of what your kids are up to.

Anonymous said...

"8am," "scary," "first-time", "hard song"...those are words for the rest of us... People like Kenzie just DO IT! Great job.