December 26, 2012


Christmas Eve
Continuing with tradition... we went out to dinner with the Allen's.
We decided to go to Fuji Steak House.
It was so fun - a little bit funny - but really yummy!
It was hard not to sing 
"Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra... Ra Ra Ra Ra"

Then we went to Jenn's house to play Christmas Family Feud, Open PJ's and watch a few home movies.  The night went by FAST!


Hayden's big gift was an Ipod Nano
Mackay's big gift was an Itouch
Kenzie's special gift was Extensions for her hair - which she got Dec 26th. 

 Then the family arrived for our traditional Brunch, Gifts, & "Kat Bean Art."

Kat Bean Art information coming... 

Brunch Decor... just because I love to "set the table" and want to remember what I did this year and my 40 year old brain doesn't remember much lately. :(

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