June 13, 2012

I Don't Think She's Coming

Tuesday, we decided to go to the Draper Temple.  We were hoping since 4 of my mom's 6 kids were together in the temple that maybe she would come say "Hi".  We sat in the Celestial Room basking in the calm, reverent, and peaceful spirit ... waiting...  & waiting... Ashley quietly whispered "I don't think she's coming."  We know she is busy and that is okay with us.    
(Ashley & Manda)
We changed and headed out the front door of the temple to be greeted with this most beautiful rainbow on a gorgeous warm and DRY day (no rain in site).  
Some may think we are just "looking" for anything, a sign, proof that she is close, even imagining that which is only coincidence... but whether YOU believe it or not - WE Do.  
We were grateful to serve in the temple that morning.  
We were grateful for the opportunity to strengthen our testimonies.  
And we were grateful to know that Mom is close, busy, and aware of her children.


Debbie said...

I LOVE that!

mamamrowan said...

We always feel Gabriel's presence when we see rainbows. There was a double rainbow in the sky the day he died. And Gabriel was Noah while on the earth. We had a rainbow put on his headstone. I LOVE rainbows, and I'm glad you had that experience!

Anonymous said...

Besautiful post Dawn! Time for a new one, you're slacking girl!