April 11, 2012

Before & After - Main Floor

Please Come In...
After entering the front door ~ to your left is a short Hallway
There is a closet with games & puzzles and a half Bathroom.
(note: Please don't be afraid. They were the NICEST people!!)

Main Floor Bathroom
(No Before Pics only Afters)

From the Front Door, to the right, is the Laundry Room.
(Again - no Befores only Afters.)

The "Before" view from the Front Door.
The "After" View.
(Sitting Area and Family Room)

The "Before" picture of the Entry.
"After" of the Entry includes....
The Sitting Area
Shelving is across from the Sitting Area
This is at the base of the stairs (across from the shelves).
"Before" Pictures of the Family Room

"After" Pictures of the Family Room

"Before" of the Dining Room

"After" Pictures of the Dining Room
(note the new spot for the St. George Dowdel picture)
Before & After - Side by Side

"Before" of the Kitchen

"After" of the Kitchen
Back Patio & Yard

We only had one "scary" incident.
Mackay wanted to help so, I asked him to remove all the outlet plates and light switches. It has been more then 20 years since the condo was last painted, so some of the switches were on rather tight. I showed him how to use the screwdriver to loose the plate off the wall. He was doing great until he reached the Main Floor Bathroom. I heard something fall & then heard "Mom, can you come here?" Of course since I didn't hear actual tears, I made him wait. Not a very wise move on my part... When I entered the bathroom, he was holding his shirt away from his stomach and quiet tears were streaming his face. I could smell something burning.
Unfortunately, while trying to get the light switch off the wall, his screwdriver came in contact with some exposed wires. The sparks sprayed out onto his tummy. He was scared and his stomach had a few red marks but luckily he was okay. I consoled him, apologized for not warning him of the dangers, & carefully put the plate back on the wall. He used the bathroom in the dark the rest of the trip - he has decided to never again touch that outlet... :(
Mackay's Burned Screwdriver...

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Alyssa said...

Everything looks perfect - just perfect. I can see all of the hard work you have put into it. And I am sure it looks even more amazing in person. Pictures never seem to really catch all of the details. I remember eating pizza in the kitchen/dining area and laughing so hard about things Chris Derrick was saying and doing. Fun memories. The story about Mackay was scary. I am happy he is okay. I had an incident with an electrical outlet when I was about 8. It scared me to death and I swore I would never plug anything in again. Of course, over time, I got comfortable with outlets again. I am sure he will not always be nervous about that light switch, but for now...I would be, too! Great photos. Thanks for posting.