January 12, 2012

A New 7 Year Old on/and New Year's Eve

Hayden celebrated turning 7 with FRIENDS at Pizza Play!!
They all ate Pizza & Ice Cream and then played Games!!
We celebrated Hayden turning 7 with FAMILY on New Year's Eve!!

Josh played a trick on Hayden and wrapped his gift in a BIG box to disguise what it really was. Hayden had asked for a "35 Light Saber" for Christmas (this means the Light Saber that costs $35.00). He got the blue one. Josh surprised him with a RED "35 Light Saber"!!
He was shocked and thrilled!!!
It is hard to believe he is already SEVEN YEARS OLD!! He has been my little buddy for a long time. He came with a strong personality and a feisty attitude - but we love him and the happiness he brings our family. He may be the littlest but he can certainly hold his own and he can tease with the best of them.
Happy Birthday Handsome!!

After the birthday party we switched gears and got ready to ring in the New Year!!
We played games with the theme "TIME".
We filled out a TIME Capsule, Guessed Resolutions, & Played a Charades game with titles using the word "TIME". The best was "My TIME on Earth"....???... Dad wondered why it was so hard for us to figure it out... maybe because the title is actually "My TURN on Earth". Hee Hee... Ahhhh.... making memories to relive and tease people about for many years to come... :)
A few of us made it to midnight!!
We rang in the New Year the traditional way - POTS & PANS & NOISEMAKERS!!
(Looks like Hayden had had enough celebrating).
Happy New Year!!!

One more birthday to go ... Aaron turns 39 on the 15th!!
Aaron and I can't wait to Celebrate in the SUN!!!!


mamamrowan said...

Looks like you had lots of fun with your celebrations! You have a beautiful family :)

Aimee said...

Hi Dawn,
Thank you for your sweet message on my blog. It was so very touching. I really appreciate all that you said to me. You are a beautiful person!