September 6, 2011

Payson Pictures!

in Payson, Utah has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember.
Onion Days includes:
**Boating on Utah Lake
(Lincoln Beach)
where the adults roam the lame booths & the kids risk their lives on the rickety rides & Dad goes to the Talent Show & Band Concert with who ever is willing to join him...
(Purchases from the Booths)
**A fishing trip with Grandpa.
Kamryn & Sam each got to go this year.
(Mackay enjoyed watching Grandpa clean the fish - both were mommy fish with eggs - GROSS!!)
**Dutch Oven Lasagna & Cobbler (aka Dump Cake)
(Mixing it all up)
**Fields full of Stickers and Bugs
(This year the boys caught praying mantis' and put them together to fight)

And the Best Part of Payson... drum roll please...
**Becoming Trailer Trash
for a weekend and spending quality time with the family!!
It is Relaxing and Exhausting all at once but...
Onion Days is the BEST!!


amanda said...

I hate missing Onion Days. And must I say for the record that YOU do not become trailer trash because you stay in a hotel!! You don't qualify:) Ha Ha--I guess sitting out in the hot sun in the dirt for 3 days will do it to you. I'm glad everyone had fun, even though we're all growing up. Such a fun tradition!!

Shauna said...

I remember one year our family joined you all for your trailer trash weekend, funny. Looks like a great time though.