September 8, 2011

Kenzie writes about her Uncle Josh

ELA9                                                                            Kenzie Hall
 1st                                                                                    9 / 8 / 11

Help! Trapped Teenager.

My Uncle Josh is more of a teenage than I amBut here is the catch, he is twenty-sevenIf you were just to glance at him, his appearance really does reflect his personalityYou would most likely see a scruffy bearded man with a little too much Axe cologne onA Captain America t shirt and khaki cargo pants with crusty old hot sauce stains still on them would be his attireJust imagine the character Shaggy from Scooby-Doo with brown hair and a bigger built body and you would have JoshHis entire life is devoted to three thingsHis family is first then board games and comic booksHe is more knowledgable on those subjects than the creators themselves. Many say he is childish but I say he is more fun than a child.

Sunday nights in the summer are my favorite nights of the entire week because of himMy cousins Tanner, Sam and I gather at his house around seven and play the board games down in his basement for around six hours straightHis basement is not your typical scary, cold, storage roomHis is the epitome of nerd lair. The walls are covered in old superhero movie posters, completed with a homemade Captain America shield and his prized possession, a two hundred dollar light saber replicaHe is more protective of those two items then his own life, which goes to show how big of a teenage nerd he really is.

My favorite memory by far is the day he called me at nine in the morning saying, "Get your gear ready, we are going on a quest."  Hearing those words, I quickly got ready and before I knew it, I hear the faint honk of his mini vanI ran with twenty dollars in my left hand, and his favorite drink, Mountain Dew, in my rightI was completely ready for the fun filled day ahead of meWe managed to drop into nine dollar stores, eight comic book stores, three game board clubs, two Deseret Industries, and one Dell Taco stop for lunchWe succeed in finding two new game boardsWe immediately called the two boys over and played those games the rest of the day

That is what I admire most about JoshHe is not afraid to be his quirky selfHe will watch a scary movie and hide under the blankets with you or text you asking what he should order from the new Dell Taco menuI consider him one of my best friends more than an uncle. I am so lucky to call him that and I love him very muchI just hope he doesn't grow up before I do!

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