August 22, 2011

Trip to Tahoe

This year, we decided to go to Reno, Nevada & Lake Tahoe for a (Belated) Anniversary trip...
We stayed at the Grand Residence Marriott on the California side of Tahoe in Heavenly Village. It was so much fun!!! It reminded me of Sun Valley. Lots to do and see.
(Miniature Golf - Shopping)
(Carved bears were everywhere - I was not so fond of the live Raccoon that roamed)
Heavenly Gondola
Then we decided to rent a boat. Aaron LOVES the water. We drove around the lake to see all the little coves and bays (Zephyr, Emerald, etc). We will definitely do this again.
Aaron's dad and his wife drove up to spend a few hours with us.
Saturday we decided to head back into Reno.
Reno is Aaron's "Happy Place". He spent his summers there with his grandparents.
It is fun to drive around listening to him reminisce.
Grandpa Clarence & Grandma Norma's home...
The main reason we decided to go to Reno this year was because of THIS man -
Grandpa Hollis.
Aaron loves & admires him. We enjoyed spending an hour with him.
We weren't able to see Aaron's mom this trip. But we hope to return to Reno soon with the kids - this time... :) I love that Aaron and I can travel and spend time one-on-one with each other. Thank you Josh & Megan for watching our kids. As always, they had a blast!

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