August 10, 2011

For Ash, Mand, Adam & Steph

Although I love to listen to Kenzie sing, I am posting this for a different reason.
This is for Ashley, Manda, Adam & Steph...
If you look closely at Kenzie's shirt, you may recognize it....
Hint: it was worn by a different girl cousin at someone's wedding. ;)
She looked so cute when I saw her this day in her khaki shorts, black belt, this shirt and a black hat. When I realized what she was wearing... I had to give it to Kenz - Cute & very resourceful.

It may be had to recognize because it is black and white.
Click HERE to see her in color (different song/weird speed).


amanda said...

I can't believe she's wearing that. I want to see th whole thing. Does it look cute as a shirt?

Dawn said...

Manda - it looks so cute on her. It was cutting the circulation off in the armpit but she didn't care... So funny!!