July 25, 2011

PRK Experience

Lately, I feel like I can't see.
My night vision has always been bad but it is now worse.
Aaron offered LASIKS. His exact words were "Just say the word".
He knows I get a little nervous when it comes to doctors -not sure where I get that fear from... :) maybe my mother.

LASIKS was so easy for Aaron and Jenn.
They went in - Had it done - They could See Immediately!!

Unfortunately, I was told by two different places that LASIKS wasn't an option for me.
I would have to do PRK.
The doctors described the difference and that PRK wasn't a "walk in the park."
Everyone else shared their nightmare story.
Needless to say, I was a little scared - more like A LOT scared.
But everyone told me their nightmare story about having a baby and it was still worth it in the end ... so I figured PRK would be the same.
I decided to "bite the bullet" and just do it.

Friday morning 9:00 am - showed up at Lasiks Plus and surgery was done.
Wore beautiful eye shield the entire day and tried to sleep.
(No Pictures of me with the eye shields, I know better then that ;)
Friday afternoon still doing great. Couldn't see very well but no pain.
Saturday was a bit harder but not too bad.
Saturday night was NOT FUN!! Shed a few tears out of frustration.
Sunday I was ready to shoot myself!! Worse day of all. Lortab didn't touch it!
Monday - today - I still can't see very well (sort of like looking through a kalidiscope - I think this is probably what "druggies" see when they are high. Why would anyone do this for fun??)
Pain is much better today- then again it is only 9:15 am.

My poor husband and kids.
They have been so good to just chill all weekend.
I have mother's guilt.
Feeling selfish for ruining their long weekend...

Thursday is Stake Lagoon Day.
They have NEVER been to Lagoon.
I will make it up to them then. :)


Shauna said...

Oh, I am sorry. I hope you have perfect vision when you are all healed. We may be at Lagoon Thursday also. We will look for you:)

Alyssa said...

WOW! Had no idea you were contemplating this procedure. Just be patient. You will feel great in a few more days (sending healing vibes to you). Our Stake Lagoon Day is this week, too. Not Thursday, though. Bummer. Well, Jeff is out of town so it is a little crazy. I will call you tomorrow to catch up on the last month (or two)and we can plan our little get-together!!