September 8, 2010

Busy with Traditions & Stuff

I feel like I have been running around like
a chicken with it's head cut off.
But when I try to reflect on what I have accomplished,
my mind goes blank....

My kids leave early in the morning and go happily.
I was so excited to have time to MYSELF.
Now, I feel like when I send them out the door,
the timer starts and the race begins...(tick, tick, tick...)

(Hayden's first bus ride)

Football is

Making sure he is there on time,
with gear, water, and ENERGY is exhausting.
But Mackay loves it, so I won't complain.
Now I know why my mom made sure I got my driver's license ON my 16th birthday. She was thrilled to put me in a car and tell me to drive myself to ballet class.

Last weekend, we had a Walkabout.
I took Fruit.
Photo is for my sisters - Come on - care...

This weekend was PAYSON!!
We have gone to "Onion Days" forever.
Years ago, we would park my grandparents "Mini-Wini" in front of the park and spend the day watching the parade & riding rides.
Now we spend the entire weekend, camped in the middle of a golf course.
We sit in the dirt, eat junk food, ride rides, catch up on everyone's latest, reminisce about MOM, play games, watch movies, read magazines, etc, etc.

Aaron, Hayden, and I enjoy the Quality Inn.
The Allens bring their motor-home. My dad and Roe bring the trailer (Kenzie has always borrowed a spot). And the Marsee/Moores, Adam & Steph, and Mackay pitch tents. (Mackay slept alone in his own tent this year. I was thrilled he was brave and didn't wake anyone up) Josh & Megan have twins now so they got a hotel in Provo this year.

While sitting in the dirt, we also:
drive a rented golf cart- thanks to Ash, shhhhhh...., get kicked off the golf course -thank you boys, walk a tight rope -thanks to Adam & Steph, have cartwheel contests - thanks again Ash, eat dutch oven Lasagna and Dump Cake (Aaron's fav part of Payson)- Thank you Jenn & Scott, and see which grandchild will eat the head off a gigantic beetle -thank you Hayden.
Payson isn't Payson without a "mishap".
Kenzie barfing, Tobe needing stitches, Kenz getting locked in a hot car (shhhhh....), Tanner, Josh, & Adam rolling a golf cart. This year a window in Grandpa's trailer shattered.
"Don't blame me, it was the winds fault!"
Lastly, Labor Day weekend is also my
Mom and Dad's Wedding Anniversary.

Two years ago, before my mom passed away, she wrote in a few cards for me to give to my dad.
She wrote 2 Anniversary cards and 1 Father's day card.
I gave him the 1st Anniversary card, Sept 4th 2008. Just 5 weeks after she died.
I gave him the Father's Day card in June of 2009.
I only had 1 left.

Selfishly, I struggled giving it away.
I have had it in my cupboard for over 2 years now.
It has his name written on it- in her hand writing.
To me it is a "message from heaven".
I had no idea what she wrote.
SHE purchased the cards.
wrote in them.
And SHE sealed them.
I knew once I gave it to him, it would be the last
"message from heaven."

I have loved seeing her handwriting each time I opened my cupboard.
I loved knowing there was a message inside.
If I kept it, then she could still talk to us.
She still had one thing left to say.
If I kept it, then she isn't totally gone.
I didn't want to give it away.
But, it wasn't mine to keep.
It was a message for my dad.
It was short.
She reminded him of her love.
It was sweet!!
My mom's style has always been "short and sweet".
I miss her.

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend
and spent time with your families
keeping traditions and making great memories!!


Alyssa said...

I have heard from many that football season can swallow up all of your time and energy. It's a family bonding opportunity, right? Mackay looks awesome all dressed up in his gear. I love that he LOVES football so much. Your fruit tower/sculpture looks perfect. I love the popsicle sticks in the watermelon - so creative! Onion Days sounds like it was another great family outing for the whole clan. Love Kenzies glasses. Hayden seriously ate a beetle head???? And Mackay slept alone in his own tent???? WOW! Your words describing your mom's last note to your dad were so touching. I can understand your hesitation in giving it away. Somehow that just would seem so final. But, I know she still has a lot to say. Even if you don't have any cards from her left to open, her words, laughter, mannerisms, countenance, traditions etc. etc. continue on through all of you - her children and grandchildren. So, she is still very present in a big way. Loved this post. Hope to see you soon. Maybe next Wed a.m.???

Debbie said...

Tee's sister is caught up in football and can't ever do anything! But it will be worth it later. AHHH Payson. Do you remember when Tee had a bee in his sprite that stung his tongue and he broke your Dad's chair? Ouch.

amanda said...

Now you see why I hate missing Payson Onion Days? Such a fun family tradition.
Oh and I care....lovely fruit display. Didn't anyone dare to eat it?

Shauna said...

I remember going to Onion Days with your family. What a fun tradition. I have heard football is crazy, we are doing golf and it isn't so bad.

amanda said...

no far. LUCKY! i wish we could do that. love jane.