May 29, 2010

Past and Present and a Lesson Learned

Memorial Day - 2007
My parents, Manda, and my family went to the very large and very confusing Salt Lake Cemetery to put flowers on my Grandpa Earl and Grandma Ruth's grave. It is always hard to find their grave. This was a HOT day. We were all sweaty and a bit grumpy! But life was good.

Memorial Day - 2008.
Life was different. Mom was sick. We had just found the tumors in her brain. I wanted to take my kids back to the Salt Lake Cemetery. We were able to find my grandparent's graves. (My husband is smart and has a great memory.) Pres. Hinckley had died this year so we went to see his grave too. Hayden loves Pres. Hinckley.

Memorial Day - 2009
Aaron and I spent the day with Jenn and Scott in Canada and then sailing on a cruise ship. It was a relaxing day. Life was starting to settle down - sort of...

Memorial Day - 2010

Last Wednesday, my mom's friends, Debbie Tyler and Susan Boyer, invited us to go to the cemetery to sit at my mom's grave to "remember" her. I love these moments. Debbie has had to be a "fill-in" mom these last few years. Some of us use her more then others, but she is always willing to listen, chat, or just cry with us. We could tell Susan misses her too. We all miss her.

Last night, Aaron and I were talking about Memorial Day and trying to figure out if it is for anyone who died or for just military people who had died serving our country. We decided it was for both.

A few years ago, my sister Ashley was getting ready to marry Robert. We were cleaning and decorating his house. He had the military flag with the blue star. I didn't know what it stood for or the importance of it. I certainly didn't give it the respect it deserved. Our kids got it a little dirty. Ashley was frantically trying to clean it. Once I was told what it meant, my heart was sick with shame and disappointment.

I am married to a very patriotic man. He insists we have an American flag in our front yard at ALL times. My grandpas both served in the military, as well as Aaron's dad. Ashley's husband just returned from a year long service, away from his wife and children, to serve our country. That flag has hung in her window the entire time.

I hope this year we will all remember those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom as we also remember those we miss and love who have departed this earth.

Happy Memorial Day!!


Debbie said...

Tee and I were driving on the freeway this morning and we passed about 20 motorcycles with flags on them following 3 buses loaded with soldiers. It was a tear-jerker.

Thanks for helping us remember what Memorial Day is about.
It was so nice to spend time talking about Kathy!

amanda said...

aaron will not pull out my tooth cas ti is OU, oh and by the way grate.jane

amanda said...

I remember 2007. I was way pregnant Brett had my kids in Colorado so I came with you to walk around the hot cemetery.
I wish I could have been there to talk about mom. We'll have to have a picnic there with the kids when I come. 2 weeks from today, I leave!!!!