April 12, 2010

Who doesn't need a laugh???

It has been a weekend of deep thoughts.
My friend from middle school and high school passed away last Thursday.
Michele Beers was a great friend. I have many memories growing up with her. She was in our stake and, starting in 8th grade, we were in Dance Co. together. She was a riot! She was Fun, FUNNY, Friendly, and Sincere!

In the middle row - Michele Beers, Tiffany Bloomquist, Me (1991)

Finding out that someone your know has passed away and is YOUR SAME AGE makes you stop and think... I have thought so much about Life and Death this weekend that I am a bit exhausted.

Like I said in my first post on this blog - I tend to "sweat the small stuff" and over-think everything. I think "over-thinking" is my silent prayer to Heavenly Father, begging him to let me stay around for a long time and to not take anyone else close to me away.

Another Butler 8th ward member, Ross Clayton, passed away this weekend too. I was friends with his daughter, Debi. I have been in touch with her this week. Talking to her has made all the thoughts and emotions of losing my mom come flooding back. I keep reliving the week my mom died and thinking about another family having to do the same things we had to do.

Then, this morning, I checked a family friends blog about her struggles to have a baby. Her family and my family have been good friends since we were little. My mom and her mom were best friends.

Their family and mine, minus Adam and T.R. (2009)

Even when Kami didn't want anyone to know of her present situation, her mom would tell my mom, and my mom would always fill us in. We would then think about her and include her in our prayers. After reading that she, once again, has miscarried another baby, I was so sad for her. I remember how awful it was when I miscarried - twice - Kami has felt that empty heart-sick feeling not twice, but 13 times now. It broke my heart to read her blog this morning.

There is a lot of heart ache in the world, a lot of sadness. I spent all weekend with a heavy heart.
Then I came across this....

Adam and Josh (a long time ago)

It made me smile at first... then STARE... then giggle... then ask:
What were they doing??
Why did they do this??
Who took this photo?
Why did my mom put it in a book?

Then I just laughed.
Who doesn't need a laugh??

It won't be funny to those who don't know these boys (my little brothers) in the photo, but to those who do... I hope you smile and laugh for a brief moment. Then go about your day. Say a little "gratitude" prayer. And do something kind for someone else.


Berezay said...

we are big believers in laughter. I think we did the most laughing when Jason had cancer! It truly is the best medicine! So sorry for your sad week! Our other favorite quote is "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" ;)

Shauna said...

Michelle Beers, really?? She was so fun I loved her. That really makes you stop and think. Funny picture of Josh and Adam.

Alyssa said...

Yikes...another friend from your childhood days has passed???? So sad.

Laughter can certainly be the best medicine for the challenging times we experience in life. Although I do not know Josh and Adam very well, this photo of the two of them DID crack me up. I just love the looks on their faces. So funny.

Sorry your weekend was one of such deep Life/Death thoughts. With all that you went through with your mom's passing, you know the heartache that losing a loved one entails. It allows you to feel such compassion and empathy for others. I am sure your mind was going full steam all weekend....so take a break from the deep thoughts and do something "light hearted" today. Maybe watch a fun, silly movie or hang out with your siblings. They always seem to make you smile! Have a great Monday!

amanda said...

I love Josh and Adam. They can always make me laugh. Life is full of what seems like more downs than ups but it's good to keep it all in perspective and laugh.

jenn said...

They look just like Sam and Tanner. Josh like Tanner of course, they are two peas in a pod, and Sam like Adam, they are pretty similar too. Amazing!!

amanda said...

jane so funny downy.adam and josh

Merilee said...

Wow, I'm sorry Dawn. There really is SO much heart ache.
One of my best friends Ginnie, took your friend Kami's pictures (the ones on her sidebar). Small world. Can't imagine what she is/has gone through. So hard!

Kami said...

Thank you Dawn, for the nice comment today. It means a lot. And yes I do need a laugh! so thanks!

Adam looks so much like your mom and Josh like your dad in that picture.